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DIY Picnic Blanket


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DIY Picnic Blanket

Zoe Levin

What is summer without a picnic blanket?

That's why we put together this super-summery DIY!

DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial_Compo Picnicware

✓  Waterproof   ✓  Easy to transport    ✓  Customizable    ✓  Simple


Supplies to make DIY Picnic Blanket_Compo Compostables.jpg
  • Canvas drop cloth with poly-backing (can purchase at hardware store, roughly $5)
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto knife
  • Freezer paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • Painter's tape (or masking tape)
  • Iron
  • A bit of patience


Step 1: Decide on your Stencil Design

So in this tutorial you're gonna make a stencil. This was our first time, but turns out it's really not all that difficult. Simply find a stencil design or make one of your own (if you're crafty like that). 

Once you have selected your design, print it out.

How to make stencil_DIY Picnic Blanket_Compo.jpg

Step 2: Make your Stencil

You're going to want to make sure you have a self-healing mat or a secure surface to cut on. Secure the printed design on top of your freezer paper with the painter's tape, that way you can make sure it doesn't shift while you're cutting. Now, carefully use your exacto blade to cut out the negative space on your design.



Iron stencil (made from freezer paper) onto fabric

Step 3: Iron Stencil on Drop Cloth

Why is freezer paper so wonderful? It's cheap, and it's fantastic for stencil projects! Freezer paper is made with of plain paper on one-side, and a light wax paper on the other. This way, you can apply light heat and it will actually create a light seal on fabric -- creating a very clean stencil line. 

Heat up your iron while you lay down the drop cloth. Now, take your stencil (with the shiny side down) and position it on your drop cloth. With your iron on med-low heat, lightly press on your freezer-paper-stencil. 

Compo plates make the perfect painter's palette for arts and crafts

Step 4: Get Painting!

Using a Compo Dessert Plates as your painter's palette (they really are perfect for craft projects like this!), take the foam sponge and dab it onto your stencil. "DAB" is the key word, if you try to "paint" you risk ruining the stencil (back-and-forth motion can damage the paper, so just dab up-and-down).

TIP: Use Compo plate for easy arts and crafts

Step 5: Repeat :)

We-reused our stencils for the entire blanket. The secret is to apply a clean piece of printer paper on top of the stencil before you iron it on. That way you can apply the heat to adhere the stencil, without the mess. 

Step 6: Let dry...and Picnic!

It didn't take our blanket long to dry, but we let it sit overnight just to be safe. 

Now pickup a great book, pack some snacks, and get outside.  Cheers!

DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial_Waterproof_No Sew_Compo_Easy_Picnic Must Have.jpg