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Minneapolis, MN


Picnicware with purpose: combat deforestation and keep your family toxin-free and BPA-free with Compo Compostables. The healthiest tableware out there! Father-daughter owned, based in Minneapolis.

Compo Exhibits at the Get Outside Festival


From easy entertaining to DIY, Compo's blog features healthy lifestyle inspiration.

Compo Exhibits at the Get Outside Festival

Zoe Levin

Today we joined other local, Minnesota businesses to celebrate Mother Nature herself. The Get Outside Festival was really fun. The whole community came out to support. Not only was it free, and they had some pretty cool stuff going on, like a rock climbing wall and live snakes from Snake Discovery (crazy, right?!)

Over at the Compo booth

We made some pretty awesome DIY Chia Pets, took photos with are adorable paper plate masks, and ran a pretty sweet Ultimate Picnic Giveaway. Overall: total success!

Get Outside Festival_Compo Compostables_Eco PIcnicware

A great big "THANK YOU" to all who came to hang out