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Picnicware with purpose: combat deforestation and keep your family toxin-free and BPA-free with Compo Compostables. The healthiest tableware out there! Father-daughter owned, based in Minneapolis.

Passing the Fiesta-Test → Latina Lifestyle Blogger Reviews Compo


From easy entertaining to DIY, Compo's blog features healthy lifestyle inspiration.

Passing the Fiesta-Test → Latina Lifestyle Blogger Reviews Compo

Zoe Levin

Pattie Cordova, the woman behind popular Latina lifestyle blog, Living Mi Vida Loca reviews Compo.

When it comes to entertaining, Mrs. Cordova is a pro! She recently put our Compo compostable products to the fiesta-test...hint hint, we passed with flying colors!

Living Mi Vida Loca loved that our Compo Compostable products can be found at Northgate Gonzalez Markets, a Mexican grocery store she shops at.

Now, I don’t have to go shopping at different stores just to get what we need. We can pick up our tortillas and queso fresco, and just a few aisles over, pick up these petroleum free products to complete our get-together must-haves.
— Pattie Cordova of Living Mi Vida Loca

From tacos to tostados and chile — she loved how Compo's heavy-duty plates were not only sturdy, but microwave safe. Most of all, she fast recognized our guilt-free and hassle-free designs.

Check out the original blog post on Living Mi Vida Loca here.