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Picnicware with purpose: combat deforestation and keep your family toxin-free and BPA-free with Compo Compostables. The healthiest tableware out there! Father-daughter owned, based in Minneapolis.

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It is time we take an active role in preserving our natural resources

With over 900 million trees chopped down for making paper products in the US each year (EPA), we must rethink our impact— as individuals, teachers and keepers of a healthy environment. If we don't take action, who will? If we don't change today, what will be left for the children of tomorrow? 

That is why Compo is pioneering an unpolluted future for generations to come. 

Join us in bringing innovation to the everyday

Whether that's building a DIY backyard compost heap, or making one of our #MeatlessMonday recipes  just a little change in the right direction can go a long, long way.

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We understand that it is not just about what our products are made out of, but how they are made. From our tree-free plates and bowls, to our petroleum-free utensils and cups — we searched the world to find the very best eco-partners to help us develop our eco-friendly tabletop products.

The positive environmental influence of our products is far-beyond virgin and recycled wood pulp and petroleum-based products. Our manufacturing process does not depend on an industry of deforestation or oil, rather, we utilize highly renewable tree-free and petroleum-free materials. The end product? Tableware that is fully compostable, reducing landfill waste and bringing the product lifecycle full circle — from the earth, back to the earth.

Upcycled Sugarcane

Plates that give new life to waste-product

We use upcycled sugarcane pulp to make our plates and bowls. How do we get the pulp? After the cane is juiced to make sugar, this leftover pulp is normally burned in the fields, a process that only creates more atmospheric pollution.  Now, we are able to rescue this pulp and transform it into our 100% compostable plates and bowls.

Sugarcane-bagasse is the technical name for the plant fiber that remains after sugar-producers process the sugarcane stalk (aka "bagasse"). It is very fibrous which means it’s great for making paper!

  • Sugarcane fiber makes incredibly sturdy "paper" 
  • Unlike trees which take anywhere from 10-20 years to bring to harvest, sugarcane can be harvested annually, making it one of the earth’s fastest growing plants
  • It is classified as a grass (so it grows very similar to your lawn

How our plates and bowls are made

The sugarcane fiber is processed into a pulp. The pulp takes a hydrogen peroxide bath, this not only sanitizes but naturally whitens the product. The slurry of the pulp then undergoes a high-heat, high-pressure process to manufacture our tabletop products. 

  • Chemical-free

  • Chlorine-free

  • Zero BPAs

  • Free of dyes, inks and fragrances

  • Hypo-allergenic




Petroleum-free is the way to be

Rather than petro-based plastics, we create our cold cups and cutlery from Ingeo™ biopolymers. This plant-derived material is 100% biodegradable within industrial facilities and free of BPAs, making it a safe for our families and planet.

Petroleum Free Compo PLA Cup made from plants
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